Zombie Army 4: Dead War | Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Slayers unite!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available now on Nintendo Switch, bringing single and multiplayer mayhem, gore and carnage to your trigger pulling finger tips. Seasoned zombie slaying veterans will be pleased to hear the Switch version of Zombie Army 4 makes no compromises, featuring the same insane hordes of the undead and also includes all of the content from Season Pass One on the game card.

For all you undead obliterating fanatics, feast your eyes on the brand new trailer .

Zombie Army 4 is the perfect co-operative shooter as you and your Resistance comrades can take on hordes of the undead with support for two to four players in both local wireless and online modes.

Key Features

Zombie Army 4: Dead War on Nintendo Switch dynamically changes resolution to ensure a smooth 30fps experience, running up to 1080p when docked and 720p when undocked. The game includes a number of Nintendo Switch specific features and in-game Achievements. Players are able to utilise the gyroscope to fine tune their aim or use the Pro Controller and upon completing the base game’s storyline they will unlock ‘Nightmare Mode’, which will increase the challenge even further. Zombie Army 4 also takes advantage of Steam Cross Save* which allows you to take your Steam saves onto your Nintendo Switch to continue the fight on the move.

As an additional bonus for Nintendo Switch owners, all of the content from Season Pass One is included with the game at launch giving players three additional levels, four character packs, nine weapon bundles, five weapon skin packs and four character outfit bundles. The same pack is now available free on all other platforms.

If that’s still not enough content for you then both Season Pass Two and Season Pass Three are available to on the Nintendo eShop.

Grab your copy now before the horde take over!

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* Please note that Steam Cross Save only allows players to import a save game from their Steam account to Nintendo Switch, it does not support transfer from Switch to Steam. There is no mid-level progression and cross-platform purchasing is not supported.