The End Is Nigh As Ragnarök Comes To Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Slayers assemble!

Hitler’s undead reign has been ended by the very relic that gave him power. His hell-cult has been torn apart, and its occult mastermind, Baron Umbra, has been vanquished. Only one task remains.

Alpha Squad has just been set its final mission as they must descend further into hell to destroy Project Ragnarök and bring the nightmare to an end once and for all. 

Watch the hellish new trailer showcasing the content from the Season 4 pack.

The new Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack for Zombie Army 4: Dead War contains a 2-part campaign mission as well as new outfits for Karl, Marie and Josiah and is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Steam, Microsoft Store, Google Stadia as well as for the newly released Nintendo Switch version.


Additionally all Zombie Army 4 players will also receive the new “Death Collector” Horde Map free as part of a title update today.

The Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack contains:

•    Ragnarök Campaign – Parts I & II
•    Future Karl Outfit – 2 Hats for Karl (Robot Eye + Ballistic Helmet)
•    Marie Lounge Singer Outfit – 2 Hats for Marie (Tilt Hat + Quick Disguise Kit)
•    Josiah Detective Outfit – 2 Hats for Josiah (Detective Fedora + Sunglasses)

Patch Notes:

Slayers, these are the following fixes that coincided with the latest ghoulish update.

• Damnation Valley – Chapter 3 – Control Room Safe Room – Player no longer dies and re-spawns while mission is loading.
• Occult Karl Outfit – All secondary and primary weapons no longer clip with the arms and shoulder and belt pouch of the Occult Karl Outfit.
• Deeper than Hell – Chapter 4 (Mausoleum of Madness) – Challenge now awarded
• Repeater Rifle visual bugs addressed.
• Dead Zeppelin – Chapter 3 – Nightmare – Players are now able to enter the Zeppelin after clearing the horde
• Stadia only – The application no longer crashes upon quitting the application while in multiplayer lobby.

For any current and future issues please refer your query to .

Slay on!

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