Sniper Elite 5 | Marksman Community Event

Calling all elite Snipers!

Lock and load for Sniper Elite 5’s debut Community Event where we’ll be putting your skills to the test on the frontlines from Monday 11 July, 3pm BST to Monday 25th July, 3pm BST. Simply play as you normally would to contribute to the 3 x targets we’ve challenged you with – if you complete all 3 targets within the two week deadline, the Community will collectively unlock exclusive in-game rewards and more!

Tracking your Progress

Unlike our previous Evil Genius 2 Community Events, this event operates on a point-based system. We’ll reward each of you a set number of points depending on the type of kill you achieve – that’s right, we won’t reward you for just any old kill! This will require patience, precision and above all else, the collaborative efforts of the Sniper Elite community.

Keep an eye on to keep track of how you’re progressing as a Community, that way you can shift your focus based on which of our 3 x targets needs attention.

Invasion Kills

Get AI kills in the standard campaign to contribute to this objective or embrace Invasion Mode to unlock max points for taking out your Axis opponent:

  • Invading Player Kills – 125 Points
  • Allied Player Kills – 50 Points
  • AI Killsx10 – 1 Points

Sniper Kills

Put your talent to the test with this objective. Achieve headshot kills across any game mode to earn points – the longer the shot, the more points you will receive.

Headshot Kills Achieved: (1 point for every 10 metres)

Sharpshooter Kills

A sniper’s work is solitary, silent and precise. Take out opponents in any game mode to contribute points to this objective. Hit specific body parts to achieve extra points…the testicle shot reigns supreme.

  • Testicle Shot – 15 points
  • Heart Shot – 5 points
  • Any other organ shot x10 – 1 point


If the Community successfully hit the three targets we’ve set in 2 weeks, you will unlock the P.K Berlin axis Scope, available on the RSC 1918, G43 and Kar98k, as well as the M81 ally scope, which will be available on the M1 Carbine and SREM. These will be accessible to every player on Tuesday 26 July.

Not only that, but you’ll also unlock a 25% Discount on Sniper Elite Merchandise for a limited time via our .

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, head over to the official which includes our 3 x target trackers as well as a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section for anything you’re unsure of.

Joining Fellow Comrades

Don’t forget to tag us in any and all progress reports, photo mode snaps or beyond via our usual . You can also connect with fellow Snipers to share all the latest tips and tricks to succeed via our .

Good Luck

That concludes our mission briefing snipers…so prepare your gear, perfect your long-shots and be ready for deployment at 3pm on Monday 11 July, 3pm BST. The battlefield waits for no one.