Sniper Elite 5 | Kraken Awakes Mission, Weapon & Skin Pack

Karl Fairburne stands holding his Mod.712 pistol. He is wearing his American Airborne outfit.

ϱ are pleased to announce the launch of , the final content pack for Sniper Elite 5’s (Currently 20% OFF in the Steam Summer Sale).

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Intel gathered in previous missions has revealed that Operation Kraken is still a looming threat that demands your immediate action.

Karl Fairburne must utilise the cover of darkness and harness the power of shadows to sabotage an under-construction aircraft carrier, that is the new home of Operation Kraken, and ensure it never sets sail. The fate of the Allies hangs in the balance as you face off against Friedrich Vogel, former deputy to Abelard Möller and the new mastermind behind this diabolical scheme.

Kraken Awakes

Karl Fairburne stands behind an Axis sniper in a watchtower. A large shipping vessel is docked in the background

Prepare for a dangerous and challenging mission, as you navigate an intricately designed military dock and unravel the mysteries hidden within the sprawling aircraft carrier. With an abundance of secrets waiting to be uncovered, take your time to gather valuable intel and gain the upper hand in your mission to save the world from impending doom.

A new addition to your arsenal.

sends you into the belly of the Axis beast, but it also introduces essential additions to your arsenal. Immerse yourself in an all-American look for Karl with the new Patriot weapon skin and American Airborne character skin.

Karl Fairburne stands holding his Mod.712 pistol. He is wearing his American Airborne outfit.

Dominate the battlefield with the Mod.712 pistol, boasting detachable magazines and an unrivaled automatic fire rate, this is perfect for close-quarters combat.

A Mod.712 pistol laying on a workbench with bullets strewn nearby.

Free Deathmatch Map

In addition to the Kraken Awakes content pack, Deathmatch connoisseurs can access a new FREE multiplayer map, the Abandoned Quarry.

Karl Fairburne and Monika Grep pose armed and ready in the Abandoned Quarry map.

Engage in heart-pounding firefights as you explore the treacherous depths of the old mine. Seek out vantage points and hidden corners in the nearby coal processing centre, providing ideal sniping sightlines across the map. Whether you prefer the stealthy approach or all-out gunfire and action, the Abandoned Quarry offers an adrenaline-fueled experience for Snipers of all play styles.

Steam Summer Sale

Don’t forget, with a whopping 60% off the Sniper Elite 5 base game in the Steam Summer Sale, it’s even easier to answer the call to arms. The sale ends on the 13th July so don’t delay! ⏱️

Lastly, as we conclude Season Pass Two, we would like to extend our gratitude to the Sniper Elite community for their unwavering support and dedication. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to Karl’s world, we appreciate each and every one of you dropping into the action.

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