Dispense Justice on mobile in Judge Dredd: Crime Files

In the year 20xx, we opened up the legendary 2000 AD license to outside studios. Today, justice is ready to be dispensed – Judge Dredd: Crime Files is available now on The App Store and Google Play!

Developed under license by our friends at No Yetis Allowed, the team behind the smash hit Pocket Shrek that reached more than 6.5 million downloads, Judge Dredd: Crime Files brings the future Law enforcer to life using 3D graphics, animated 2D comic artwork and newly recorded voice over.

Take on the role of Judge Dredd and dispense justice on the streets of Mega City One with intuitive card-battling gameplay. Build a deck of powerful weapons including the Lawgiver MKII, Lawrod and the Stubb Gun. Unlock iconic characters including Judge Anderson, Judge Rico and Judge Giant. Take on criminals and perps from Punks, Juves and Muties to Robots and Fatties.

Jude Dredd: Crime Files is free-to-play and is planned to offer plenty of additional content including further storylines, weapons, enemies, locations and more.

You are the Law!

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