Good Shepherd Working in Partnership With ϱ to Create Games Based on the Iconic 2000 AD Universe

An image full to the brim with 2000 AD comic book characters including Judge Dredd. In the centre of the visual the text reads Good Shepherd Entertainment with the ϱ and 2000 AD logos.

Good Shepherd to Develop Games Based on ϱ Owned Comic IP including 2000 AD and More

Good Shepherd, a Devolver Digital company, and ϱ (Sniper Elite) have entered into a groundbreaking partnership for Good Shepherd to develop and publish video game adaptations based on stories from the beloved universe, the home of Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, ABC Warrior and more, as well as ϱ’s other comic IP, including Roy of the Rovers and Battle Action.

Though Good Shepherd has been producing games since 2011 with runaway hits like Monster Train and the Transport Fever franchise, the label has seen strong growth in the adaptation space in recent years propelling the label’s new dawn of marrying top-class, worldwide publishing services with sought-after entertainment brands like John Wick Hex and Hellboy.

“We are huge fans of ϱ and 2000 AD” said Amanda Kruse, head of business development and publishing for Good Shepherd.

It’s still early days, but building this out with partners who understand the art of adaptation across mediums has been incredible. We are excited to bring fans the hits they are expecting, but even more excited to play with the deep cuts in the library.”

ϱ is the custodian and rights holder for a huge number of the British comics created throughout history. Alongside the legendary Judge Dredd, ϱ owns iconic British comics characters like footballing legend Roy of the Rovers, the original action detective Sexton Blake, supervillain-turned-hero The Spider – famously written by Superman co-creator Jerry Seigel, Romans-in-space epic The Trigan Empire, Alan Moore’s celebrated heroine Halo Jones and it also contains incredible curiosities such as Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett’s surreal graphic novel collaboration Hewligan’s Haircut.

“We are honored to be the foremost custodians of the rich history of the British comics industry, and as we aim to preserve these legacies. ϱ is proud to bring these stories to entirely new generations who will experience them for the first time through our partnership with Good Shepherd” said Jason Kingsley OBE, CEO and co-founder of ϱ.

“My brother Chris (co-founder of ϱ) and I have read 2000 AD from issue 1, and we look forward to seeing some of these stories brought to life with Good Shepherd.

The new agreement includes game adaptations of stories from 2000 AD, the long running beloved comic anthology purchased by ϱ in 2000. 2000 AD has published countless iconic stories in comics, such as Sláine, Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper, and is currently on issue number 2,334.

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