Evil Genius 2 | Oceans Campaign Pack Out Now

Get ready to give those pesky Forces of Justice the cold shoulder as the new Oceans Campaign Pack brings the big freeze to Evil Genius 2. Introducing Polar, our ecological mastermind and new genius in Evil Genius 2: World Domination. Venture out to her Arctic Lair and start constructing the Z.E.R.O. Doomsday Device to freeze the Earth to its very core.

Complete with a new Campaign storyline, and five Ocean Regions to control, this cool new pack adds a new Force of Justice Agent type, and an armoured Super-Agent who can even be turned to join forces with you as a Henchman.

In addition, the pack also includes new Minions: Engineers that will beaver away in their Workshop to create and maintain submarines and turrets. A new temperature system means that your workforce’s productivity will be affected if they get too cold or too hot: place heaters and air conditioning to ensure optimum working conditions.

The new Oceans Campaign Pack for Evil Genius 2 is available now on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows Store, and PlayStation 4 and 5 as part of the Season Pass or as an individual purchase costing £8.99/$11.99/€11.99.

How to Buy the Oceans Campaign Pack:

  • Steam: 
  • Xbox (all regions).
  • PlayStation (all regions): 

The Oceans Campaign Pack includes:

  • A new Genius – Polar
  • Z.E.R.O. Doomsday Device
  • Unique Arctic Lair
  • Temperature system
  • Ocean World Map regions with new Schemes
  • Engineers
  • Workshop room
  • New Super Agent who can be converted into a Henchman
  • New Force of Justice – J.A.W.S
  • Turrets
  • Rocket launchers for minions
  • 3 New loot items with side stories

From The Evil Genius 2 Development Team

Despite still being in the grips of the winter season, it’s quite mild out… With the release of the Oceans Campaign Pack, our latest Evil Genius is scheming to correct that once and for all! Now available to Season Pass holders as well as for purchase separately, global warming won’t know what hit it.

In addition to developing this frosty new content, the team here has continued to fix community-reported bugs, with just enough time to add a couple of features that have been requested by you along the way.

Most notably we’ve added a function to the furniture side menu that allows you to identify items of furniture that you would like your minions to automatically re-build should it, for any reason, be destroyed. No more worrying about power supply interruptions from Blue Saint and his destructive tendencies, or having to follow Wrecking Bola around after she has smashed her way through all of your precious doors.

We’ve also spent some time improving messaging for Trap cooldowns and blockages, so it should be easier for you all to tell at a glance how your Trap networks are functioning. Finally we also added a button to quickly swap between placed Portals, almost as if you were using them yourself.

With the Season Pass now complete, we’ll be continuing a tail of support, and may even have a surprise or two left that our Community Team will be eager to share information about very soon. Thanks for playing and for continuing to support Evil Genius 2: World Domination.

The Evil Genius 2 Development Team

To read the extended patch notes, head over to the official evilgeniusgame.com website by .

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