Zombie Army THRILLOGY: April Fools!

The statement below was the official press release we sent to journos and writers on the morning of April 1st, alongside a funky new trailer.

Of course it was all in aid of April Fools, but the video got coverage all over the place including IGN, Kotaku, Digital Spy and more!

Thanks to all the community for their pun-tastic comments and don’t forget to check back soon for a blog on how the dance was motion-captured!

Finished Zombie Army Trilogy? Thrown Hitler down the Hellmouth? Well the Führer has other plans! 

The dead have been resurrected once again, again, to fulfil Hitler’s darkest deepest darkest secret – desecrating dancefloors in the head-popping, grave-robbing, Zombie Army THRILLogy! 

Launching April 1st on all the platforms*, Zombie Army THRILLogy is dance game spin-off, of the zombie slaying spin-off, of the sequel, to Sniper Elite.

Strut your stuff in an epic motion-controlled flurry of funky moves, as the Freaky Followers of zombie Hitler face off against the Allied Army of Awesome.

Supporting up to 666 players in online co-op, gamers must keep fast and freaky if they’re to keep in time to the rhythm, fill their dance floor murder multiplier, and enter epic dance-offs with Karl Fairburne, Marie Chevalier, Boris Medvedev and other favourites from the Sniper Elite multi-verse.

* Requires next-generation four-player dance mat and motion-capture jumpsuits to play (currently unavailable).