Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior | OUT NOW

The time has come. Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior is on Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro! to watch the launch trailer via our official ϱ YouTube channel.

Brace yourself for an all-new story-driven campaign, coupled with two thrilling new game modes. Plus, elevate your gaming experience with ProTubeVR and bHaptics support, promising the pinnacle of hyper-immersive gunplay.

Thrilling new campaign

Deploy into the ultimate immersive World War II sniping experience. Tackle the Axis forces head on with a range of authentic weapons, using stealth tactics as a means to banish their forces from your homeland. As The Partisan you will uncover Nazi wonder weapons that could turn the tide of the war. They must be destroyed and it is up to you make sure the Allied forces are victorious!

Using an SMG you are blasting down somes metal stairs towards a group of Axis soldiers. The blood spatter from one soldiers now destroyed guys are on show.

Authentic Arsenal

It’s time to become a weapon aficionado and delve into a huge cache of authentic World War II weapons. Whether you prefer the power and range of sniper rifles, the burst fire chaos of sub-machine guns or the close range but equally fearsome pistols, you will almost certainly find a loadout to suit your battlefield needs. Customise your ideal loadouts for your playstyle and deal fiery justice upon your enemies.

You are sneaking up to an unsuspecting Axis soldier. With a Welrod pistol in hand, you are about to take him out. A castle draped in Axis flags stands nearby.

Challenging New Game Modes

Having wreaked havok upon your enemies, why not turn your attention on two exciting additional game modes. Last Stand pits you against waves of enemies, all hell bent on putting you in an early grave! Utilise the weapons you have at your disposal and try and get through as many waves as you can manage. Sniper Hunt makes you face elite enemy snipers as well as other Axis enemy distractions. One wrong move and the glint of the scope will be the last thing you see. Will you survive their sharpshooting skills?

Your scope focuses on a nearby Axis soldier. You haven't yet taken the shot. A camoflaged fighter plane sits close by in the hanger.

Immersive Gunplay

Grab your rifle with both hands. Manually reload each bullet before taking that essential mission defining shot. Draw the scope to your eye, pick your target and immerse youself with virtual reality combat like never before. Stash your weapons how you see fit and equip when the time is right to strike.

Don’t delay and grab yourself a copy of now. Will you be the difference?

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