Motor Accessibility Review of Sniper Elite 5 by Antonio Martinez

ϱ are delighted to publish a motor accessibility review of Sniper Elite 5 by esteemed gaming accessibility expert, Antonio Martinez. We commissioned this review as an internal learning talk for at ϱ, and decided to share it publicly to help other developers learn from the incredible insights that Antonio provided.

Antonio is a gamer with spinal muscular atrophy type 3, accessibility consultant, advocate, and owner and mobility editor of the .

Gaming has evolved into a powerful medium of storytelling, entertainment and community, captivating millions of players worldwide. Yet, for some, navigating virtual worlds remains a challenge due to accessibility barriers. Recognising this disparity, game developers are increasingly prioritising accessibility features, fostering an environment where everyone can share in the joy of gaming.

In this comprehensive review, Antonio scopes out Sniper Elite 5’s mechanics, controls, and user interface in the context of motor accessibility. From control rebinding to difficulty customisation, Sniper Elite 5 offers a range of features that can aid in addressing mobility barriers. Notably Antonio praises the work of the UI, which is all navigable by mouse, and the assistance mechanics including aim and traversal. By meticulously assessing the various accessibility options offered in Sniper Elite 5, Antonio reveals how these efforts enhance the gaming experience for those with motor impairments and where it can be improved.

We want to say a huge thank you to Antonio for his insightful talk. Your expertise has helped us understand how these accessibility features can empower and enable players with motor impairments to fully immerse themselves in the virtual worlds they love, and how we can grow. Thank you for your unwavering advocacy, your passion, and your expertise!

Find out more about ϱ’s commitment to accessibility here and scope out the accessibility features of Sniper Elite 5 for yourself!

We hope that you enjoy the video and learn as much as we did from Antonio’s insights (Please accept cookies to view or to watch via YouTube):