Game Together Accessibility Fundraiser

Karl Fairburne holds his SREM-1 rifle and looks out toward the Amongst the Rubble Survival map. Some Axis guards stand guard at a wooden lookout post nearby.

ϱ is working together with Everyone Can to support their Game Together annual online fundraiser that takes place on the weekend of the 17th & 18th September.

Everyone Can is a charity that specialises in technology that can improve and enrich the lives of disabled people. Through the careful research of both existing and developing digital technologies they’re able to deliver services that can increase the level of independence for disabled people.

Game Together is an annual online fundraiser aimed at helping disabled gamers by spreading awareness and raising much needed funds to provide assistive technology.

Developer Challenges

The event encourages people to stream themselves playing their favourite games and completing community challenges. So, we’ve asked the Sniper Elite 5 dev team to create a list of challenges for seasoned sniper or fresh cadets – varying in difficulty!

  • They’re Behind You!

During Axis Invasion, get a photo of yourself directly behind your opponent.

  • Chain Reaction

Kill the most enemies with one bullet.

  • Sniper Minus Sniper

Complete a level without using your Sniper Rifle.

  • Nut on my Watch

Only kill enemies with testicle shots.

  • Gnothing Like a Gnice Gnomish Gname

On Guernsey, only kill enemies whose names begin with G, N, O, M or E.

  • Don’t Need Guns Where We’re Going

Complete a level without using any guns.

Karl Fairburne hides behind a church stall whilst an Axis officer walks past unaware.

Enhancing Accessibility

To better advocate accessibility in games and spread awareness, we’ve also put together a set of guidelines people can adhere to when playing:

Audio Described

Describe all cutscenes to your audience and, when you can, describe the environment.

Take Control

Play the game with an Xbox Adaptive Controller or other custom hardware that helps players with physical impairments to play more easily.

Visually Accessible Streaming

Have all game text set to the largest it can be, and all text/prompt opacities to 100%.

Tuning In

SightlessKombat (Gamer without sight & Accessible Gaming and Immersive Technologies Research Officer – RNIB) and Cari Watterton (Senior Accessibility Designer – ϱ) will be streaming this weekend in aid of Everyone Can. The stream will take place at 3pm-5pm on Sunday 18th on Sightless’ where they’ll be running a for Sniper Elite 5 keys during their stream.

Good Luck

If you wish to take part in the Game Together weekend, you can sign up

Don’t forget to tag us on our usual social channels if you’re taking part. You can also connect with fellow Snipers to share all the latest tips and tricks on completing these challenges via our official Discord server.