Easy Read version of Tiny in the Tower available now!

Here at ϱ Unplugged we are committed to ensuring that our games can be enjoyed by as wide an audience as possible. Our team has been working closely with Cari Watterton, ϱ’s Senior Accessibility Designer, to maximise the accessibility of our board games and RPGs.

The first step of this initiative is an Easy Read edition of series of pick-up-and-play RPGs. In addition, the files for the main edition have now been updated to be fully screen-reader accessible. We’ve worked with RNIB on the entire issue, and will be incorporating what we’ve learned directly into our RPG production pipeline.

All the digital editions of Tiny in the Tower now include these new files, and existing owners of the game can download the more accessible editions from rebellionunplugged.com and drivethrurpg.com. To celebrate the new release we’ve made the Easy Read edition of the Burglar of Brackwood, a stand-alone prologue adventure, .

As our line-up expands we plan to add a dedicated Accessibility Hub to our website, with relevant information and downloads from across our game lines.