Accessibility at ϱ: Including Everyone

Accessibility has become a pivotal focus for both gamers and game developers. Recognizing the importance of creating inclusive gaming experiences, ϱ recently hosted a panel at titled “Accessibility at ϱ: Including Everyone.” This panel delved into advocacy, learning, and the collective mission to shatter barriers so that every gamer can find their place within the gaming community.

As accessibility in gaming takes centre stage, this panel provided a glimpse into ϱ’s accessibility initiative and its journey of evolution through events and collaboration. The panel featured influential content creators, and , who joined forces with Adriaan, Cari and Edd from ϱ to shed light on how game developers and creators can collaborate to ensure that diverse capabilities are celebrated and embraced.

The panel kicked off with a discussion about the significance of accessibility in gaming and going through events like , and .

The Wobbly Gamer and Little MoTAC, both known for their dedication to advocating for accessibility, offered valuable insights into the challenges faced by disabled gamers. They emphasized the power of representation and the need for more creators to come forward and share their unique perspectives.

One of the key takeaways from the panel was the importance of collaboration; including everyone. Game developers and content creators must work together to bridge the gap between the gaming industry and the community it serves. By actively engaging with the gaming community, developers can better understand the needs and desires of their diverse player base.

This panel hopes to show that the future of gaming lies in our collective efforts to ensure that every gamer, regardless of their abilities, finds their place. By prioritizing accessibility and learning from one another, we can build games where barriers are shattered, and gaming can be for everyone.

We want to say a huge thank you to our panellists, the team at EGX and Will Freeman for organising the event, and the ϱ video team for recording and editing the panel so we can share it!

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We hope that you enjoy the panel (Please accept cookies to view or click here to watch via YouTube):